(Casarsa della Delizia, 4 August 2023) Growth characterized by continuity places La Delizia Viticoltori Friulani among one of the major wineries in Italy and the most suitable for export. Sales revenue increased from 47 million euros in 2020/2021 to the current 67.5 million euros (according to the first indicative data for the 2022/2023 financial year that has just ended) achieving 63.102 million euros in 2021/2022 (enabling us to reach seventh place nationally for growth): but this is only one of the outcomes that illustrates our growth. In fact, according to the data taken from the annual research by the Corriere Economia for the period 2021/2022, the Casarsa della Delizia winery has turned out to be the best in Italy for the increase in export sales (+69.27%) and eleventh at a national level in terms of number of bottles produced (26.4 million). Flavio Bellomo, President, emphasizes that “these numbers demonstrate the consolidated growth of our cooperative, the result of our work that has seen us focus, over the last four years, on the value of the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of the product, on innovation and, on the quality of the supply chain; from the vine to the glass and, on the commercial aspects. In doing so, we are among one of the leading companies in Italy for sparkling wines and with a significant share of still wines.

In the years of post-health emergency recovery, we have seized the opportunities deriving from innovation, evaluating, and introducing concepts such as performance, programming, computerization, and communication in a sector such as wine that needs this look to the future. Results that I, together with the board of directors, want to share with all the shareholders, employees, and sales force”. Furthermore, the first indicative results for the 2022/2023 financial year are now available (as known in agricultural cooperatives, the fiscal year follows the agricultural one, from July to the following June). In 2021/2022 sales revenue achieved the value of 63.102 million euros (+33.89 on the previous year) and today sales have followed in growth too, they are up to 67.5 (an additional increase of +6.91%). At the same time, the results of export sales are very compelling: they increased in 2021/2022 by +69.27on the previous year, a further increase of +25.82% in 2022/2023. Simultaneously, in this last year in Italy, they increased from +5.08% up to +7.26%.
Specifically, regarding 2022/2023, the increase on foreign markets is driven by the growth in sales revenue of the European Union (+142.51%), followed by the USA (+28.59%) and the rest of the world (+8.64%). In Italy the growth is due to the Horeca* sector at +15.18%.
The analysis of Mirko Bellini, Director focuses on the reason why La Delizia wines are in demand in the market. He underlines that “the quality of our products, the seriousness and transparency of the company and significantly our corporate image that we have built primarily in the Italian Horeca market with the Naonis brand. These factors are the strengths that now make us recognizable and in demand in the markets where an extensive choice of wines is available. The competitors, however, did not know how or have the courage to make choices including communication and strategy, that we have made. A good example is Prosecco, a product that naturally drives sales for all companies. But not everyone has made the right choices or have been able to ride the wave, sometimes ending up crushed by price dynamics. We have, thanks to innovation, planning, future vision, transparency, and passion”.
Now it’s already time to look to the next harvest. “We will begin shortly after Ferragosto (August 15th) concludes Bellini; the summer was certainly different from the dry one of 2022 even if we had to face the waves of bad weather that hit Friuli Venezia Giulia. We are now preparing for the 2023 harvest”.

* CORRIERE ECONOMIA = L’Economia (Corriere della Sera) is an economic-financial newspaper
*horeca = the hotel, restaurant, and café sectors